constitutionalist for HD-87

Scott Esk for HD-87.

1st Christian.

2nd Constitutionalist.

3rd Republican.

Let's Win For The Constitution!

My biggest crusade I intend to fight vigorously for as HD 87’s next State Representative is refusing to enforce federal dictates of all kinds in Oklahoma.  I am a champion of nullification, as my fellow patriot Thomas Woods put forth in his very recommendable book Nullification. 


I have no use for licensing restrictions on a God-given right. I am happy that Oklahoma FINALLY passed open-carry so that people will no longer get in trouble for the outline of their concealed gun showing through their pocket (How stupid that that could even happen!).


I am totally against abortion, and consider it murder of an innocent human being. Science has provided overwhelming evidence that the life inside a pregnant woman's womb is a unique human life which, although it depends on the mother for life, is no part of her body.

Marriage & Divorce

I consider divorce largely a needless tragedy, and Oklahoma has been historically among the most divorce-prone states in our nation. I don't think it should be more difficult to enter into marriage in Oklahoma, but it should definitely be much more difficult to end it.

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State Senator Nathan Dahm showed me that you can be a constitutionalist and win

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